Horse Lease Program

Don’t have time, desire or money to own a horse?  Or what about the child that wants to own their own horse, but whose parents are concerned the child does not know about all of the work and responsibility that goes along with owning a horse. Lots of people dream of owning a horse, but ownership is not practical for various reasons.


Our lease program is a great way to get experience and have the benefits of ownership without the expense!

Calypso Run Farm offers different leases on some of their lesson horses and competitive horses. The great part of this arrangement is you get the feeling of “ownership” with a flat monthly fee. The fee is dependent on the program selected but most likely will include lessons as part of the lease.  I take care of the shoes, feed, and all vet care. You just show up to ride (don’t forget the carrots!)

This option is open to qualified riders but even works for advanced beginners that are young, as long as they have an adult who is also involved.

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